Library is ocean of knowledge & heart of any Institute. Our Institutes Central library is well stocked with more than seven  thousand books and separate additional departmental libraries which provides access to a large spectrum of text and reference books of Indian and foreign authors.


  • Layout & Floor Area:

    Central Library is located in the new college building on the Ground floor, with an area of 914.48 (Carpet area ) with all the requisites.  

  •  Seating Capacity :    02  Rooms (1 Library and Other Reading room)

                                             40 Capacity in Library and

                                             70 Capacity in Reading room

  •  Admission to the Library

    1. All the staff members (Faculty/Doctor)  of the Institute.
    2. All the students of the institute.

  • Loan Privileges

     The books will be issued for 14 days. The maximum number of books a borrower may borrow   at the same time shall be as follows:
    i. Teaching / Academic staff - 2 book
    ii. Technical Staff - 2 books

  • Action on overdue, loss or damage
  1. If the books are not returned on due date, the matter will be communicated to Professor I/C Library for information.
  2. If Books Monographs, etc. are lost by the borrowers, they will have to replace the same edition or the newer edition.
  3. Please check that the book is not damaged before you borrow it. You may be asked to pay for book returned in a damaged condition.



  • General Library Rules :
  1. Every person who enters in the Library shall sign the visitors register at the gate.
  2. All personal belongings except purses and note books shall not be allowed to be carried with the readers beyond the issue counter.
  3. Library does not accept any responsibility for loss/damage to personal property left within the Library premises.
  4. The readers are requested to keep silence within the Library premises.
  5. Borrowers must satisfy themselves about the physical condition of the books before borrowing them.
  6. Books may be recalled as and when required.
  • Facilities:

    1. Routine services include issue and return of books.
    2. Xerox and print out facilities are available in Library
  • Library Opening Timings:
  • The Library shall remain open on all working days (For Issue/Return Books) from 9 A.M. to 5.00 P.M.
  • Reading Hours 08:00 AM to 08:00 PM (All Days).

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  Library Books List

Library books list

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