Sharir Rachana Department

Sharira-Rachana Department –
deals with the anatomical studies.

As mentioned in the course curriculum of NCISM , Rachana Sharir is included in BAMS first proff.  Inclusion of this subject in first proff. is esssential as it makes undergraduate student understand the basic principles of Sharir. It becomes necessary to study the human body in perspective of ancient and modern science. Cadaveric dissection , Marma and Srotas are the key part of this subject. After knowing all these basic facts in Sharir Rachana, all Clinical subjects will be crystal clear to the students.

In huge campus of SMIAS, Department of Rachana Sharir is developed in Block- C (Vagbhatta bhavan). In the department of Rachana Sharir Students learn Anatomy in batches from Museum (which is occupied by more than 100 models and charts), Seprate dissection hall is there for Cadaveric dissection . We have also developed our departmental library for faculty members.

Museum pic

Anatomy museum pic 2

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