Agada Tantra Department

Agada Tantra Department -

Department of Agadtantra & Vyavahar Ayurved provides educational inputs to the 3rd year undergraduate / B.A.M.S. students in the subject of Visha vigyan (Toxicology) , Vyavahar Ayurved( forensic medicine) and Vidhivaidyak (medical jurisprudence). It includes Ayurvedic classical references of visha (poison), it’s detailed description, classification and examinations, diseases caused by it, principles of management and preventive measures of the poisons and also the legal aspect of medical practice, medical aspects of law and forensic medicine.


Departmental Information :

The department has Academic section and Museum which are spread over a spacious area. It has models, weapons, charts, departmental library as per MSR.



Department conducts visits and postings to Postmortem centre and District and session court, visits to Forensic Science Lab Gandhinagar, National Forensic Science University, Gandhinagar. 

Agad dept. Museum

 List of available charts and moels: Download pdf

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